Body Pulse


An up-and-coming EMS Fitness Studio, Body Pulse, had much to distinguish themselves from the other EMS fitness centers. There was a need for a sleek and modern design that contains all the necessary information about the company and its services – whilst also being user-friendly for those who visit it. Customers are able to book sessions online or speak with staff if they have any queries at all.


In the pursuit of standing out from the competition, Body Pulse faced a daunting task. However, their unwavering commitment to excellence led them to create distinctive custom cuts and a captivating logo design. These elements propelled the Nicosia-based EMS fitness studio above and beyond its competitors, establishing an unrivaled identity.



The website’s primary goal is to educate visitors about the diverse treatments and services available while facilitating hassle-free appointment scheduling and consultations. With all the relevant information readily accessible, clients can make informed decisions without the need to search elsewhere. Empower yourself with knowledge and convenience – explore the website today and take charge of your health journey at Body Pulse EMS Fitness Studio!



The final website and logo for Body Pulse successfully met all objectives and goals. The website provided a dynamic and engaging user experience, effectively communicated the benefits of EMS fitness, and facilitated easy client interaction. The logo established a strong and memorable brand identity, reflecting the energy and innovation of Body Pulse.