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Vandal Wisdom


We were excited to be part of the redesign team at Vandal Wisdom Streetwear! We worked hard to create a new, modern look that would be easy to navigate without making radical changes that would affect the shopping experience in a negative way.



Almost immediately after the re-design sales started picking up with a staggering 42% increase in the first quarter. This trend has continued over time as we continue iterating on the design based on real data from live users.


The old site was outdated and needed usability improvements. The check-out experience was difficult, and the design didn’t fit the branding well. There were unclear CTA’s, along with slow loading times.

The new site has an up-to-date design and color scheme, along with UX improvements to make it easier to navigate. It has clear CTA’s, as well as a faster loading time and minimalist design that is easy to use and consistent across devices (desktop & mobile).


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